Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Happy December!

It's the holiday season and I'm starting to really get into the mood!  We have our tree up and hopefully I will have the rest of the house decorated by the weekend.  I've been slammed with orders this week for my new Boston Sports ornaments, but that's a good thing! I just hope I have time to make more for the show I am doing this weekend.

Once I get the house in order and I am prepared for my show, I'm hoping to get shopping so I can check everyone off my Christmas list. If you are working on your own list, check out www.JoatmonCreations.com for some great stocking stuffers. My reversible headbands are great for young girls and women alike.  You get two headbands in one since they are reversible and you can always add more covers to their collection  at other holidays.

For boys, key fobs are always a great way to express themselves.  I have so many designs to choose from - Star Wars, Family Guy, sports, and so much more!  They are really functional, especially for someone that keeps losing their keys when they toss them in a backpack.

My newest line of car decals and decorated items are also a crowd pleaser.  For someone that has everything - why not give the the gift of expression!
My site really is a one-stop shop.  So check it out today to see how many people you can check off of your list!!  Looking forward to seeing you at Joatmon Creations today!

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