Thursday, December 7, 2017

Christmas Cards

In this age of social media I am struggling to make the perfect Christmas card because I have trouble finding a family photo that I haven't already posted on Facebook or Instagram.  If we have a really good picture with all of us looking at the camera (including the dog) I want to post it right away because, let's face it, those photos can be rare.  I have a nine-year-old that loves making goofy faces no matter how many times we plead with him to give us just one good shot.

As I scroll through my phone's picture gallery I'm thinking of using one from January.  I figure people won't remember it from that far back, will they? Or maybe this will be the year we do away with the photos and just go with an old favorite, Currier and Ives.   

Or maybe we will just use this one from our famous Labor Day Theme Party.  Merry Christmas from Betty Boop and Captain America!

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