Friday, November 9, 2012

Christmas already?

When I was younger (in the 1970's) it was so much fun to see all of the holiday decorations that were put up after Thanksgiving.  It meant Christmas was coming within the next few weeks and all of the parties would be starting.  I loved driving around town and seeing the lights glistening off the snow.  It was a very exciting and happy time.

But when did Christmas start arriving in November? Or worse yet, in October??   I know it's been happening gradually over the last few years, but it just seems like each time it gets earlier and earlier.  My husband was at the airport today and he said they have already started decorating there! It is November 9th!  Slow down a bit and let's enjoy Thanksgiving first!

One of the biggest problems that I have with decorating this soon is the fact that it gets old really quick.  I no longer have that excitement when I drive around town, because it doesn't signal that Christmas is right around the corner.  I know it is still just a little over a month away and that is pretty close, but it's not within weeks.  It just feels like the excitement will be gone by the time I'm really ready to enjoy it.

Well, with all that being said, I'm gradually adding some holiday themed items to my Etsy shop.  Right now I have a Charlie Brown Christmas headband and a Christmas tree key fob.  But that is the extent of my holiday items so far.  I'm still holding out hope that there is still a little interest in my Autumn items. too.  I guess I'll be stubborn for a little while longer.

But I suppose it is time to face facts...pretty soon Holiday decorations will just stay up all year long.