Wednesday, December 17, 2014


Eggery is the art of decorating hatchery shells in the style of the famous Faberge egg. (source:

Growing up I remember my grandfather (aka "Norno") making these fabulous, ornate creations out of goose, emu, and ostrich eggs.  He would create clocks, music boxes, and other wonderful masterpieces.  Then he started to lose his eyesight due to macular degeneration and since he knew I enjoyed being creative too, he handed down his supplies to me.  Over time I created my own designs, but nothing as wonderful as his. But they still always had a special place in my heart because I knew it was something he enjoyed doing, too.  

Even though making them brought me much joy, I always said that I would never sell my eggs because frankly, I had no idea how much to charge.  They take so much time, effort, and patience.  I am simply not good at quantifying that.  Instead I just posted my favorites on Facebook for others to enjoy.  But a friend approached me last year about making one for her to give as a gift.  I declined.  I knew it would be time consuming, and again I had no idea what to charge. She settled for some candleariums and seemed to really like them.  
But this year she approached me again and she was very persistent.  Even though it had been ten years since I last made one, I agreed to create a special wedding-themed egg for her.  As I posted my progress online another friend asked me to make two for him as well.  Now the pressure was really on!  I had to get not just one, but three done, and I couldn't procrastinate since Christmas was coming quickly.  

I am happy to say that after a ten year hiatus, I was still able to remember how to cut, paint and decorate the goose eggs.  That's not to say there wasn't any fall-out.  Some eggs were harmed in the process -- but I am very pleased with the final results.  

I present to you the Angel, the Tree, and the Wedding.
(Top row is the front of the egg, bottom row is the back of the egg above it)