Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Family time!

Last night I fished up all of my outstanding orders! What a liberating feeling!!  Nothing is hanging over my head.  My official custom order deadline has passed and everything was completed in record time.  Now, I can finally concentrate on my home and family.  I was able to decorate the house for the holidays over the last two weeks, but it felt like a long, drawn-out process, since I couldn't carve out one entire day to do it all, as I have in the past.  I was always running to my craft studio to finish one thing or another.  I even have bins still in the dining room waiting to make their way to the basement because I've been doing everything piecemeal. 

But today I am leaving my full-time job early to go see my son's winter concert (first year trumpeter, so this ought to be good).  Then I am heading home for the afternoon so I can just relax with my family.  It will be nice to sit on the couch and watch cheesy Christmas movies with them, without having to run upstairs for "just one minute" and then come down two hours later.

Of course, don't get me wrong - I truly LOVE making custom orders.  I really enjoy those emails that start with "I was wondering if you could do this..."  In fact, these were two of those such requests that I completed last night:

 This time of year is already so hectic with lots of gifts to buy, baking to be done, presents to wrap. I am always a procrastinator, so it is nice to have just a little extra time to breathe.  But of course, I know myself.  The minute I get that "by the way, would you mind doing...." message, my first reply will be "I'm on it!!"  But at least for today, I am all caught up!

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