Friday, May 31, 2013

Boston Strong

Boston Strong Key Fobs
I'm a lifelong Bostonian, so the events over the past couple of months have definitely (and literally) hit home.  It's been a tough time, but it also gave us a chance to show what a proud and strong city we are.  I was unable to attend or even listen to the fantastic concert benefiting the victims and The One Fund last night, but based on the clips that I have seen it must have been a truly unbelievable experience!

When tragedies like this happen everyone wants to know what they can do to help and how they can show their pride. My family made a donation to The One Fund right away, but I felt like I should do more.  Then a customer asked if I had any "Boston Strong" ribbon.  I did a search online and didn't find anything that suited my products so I contacted a ribbon supplier, drew up what I wanted, and she had someone custom make the ribbon for me.  Now I have over five different products in my shop featuring this ribbon, and 15% of my sales go to The One Fund.  It's my way of doing more!

So, I am proud to say that I so far I am up to a $90 donation to The One Fund!!  And I still have more to sell, so please stop by and see what I have.  Show your Boston Pride, show that you are Boston Strong, and do a little MORE for the city that we all love!
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