Sunday, November 24, 2013

Ramblings for a Sunday

Yesterday I did a craft fair at a local school I wasn't familiar with. I heard about it through a friend, and since I haven't done any since May I figured it would be nice to get one in before the holidays. I had no idea what the foot traffic would be like, but since we are getting close to the holidays I was hopeful. It wasn't the most successful day for me, but I sold more in one day at this fair than I did all month on Etsy, so that was a plus. I also got my name out there more and I am learning more about the power of networking. I sat next to a very nice woman that was selling a popular bag line. She was incredibly motivated and just hearing about everything she does made me tired. Salesperson, realtor, mom of two, wife to a traveling husband, and head of the PTO. She is organizing a Mom's night out to benefit her son's school and she invited me as a vendor.  I think a night like that is great for my products since they make awesome stocking stuffers or gifts for acquaintances. So even though the show wasn't huge, I walked away with a new opportunity.

As with most fairs I donated an item for their raffle table. I chose a new item in my hair accessory product line, a "bling" headband with a detachable petal hair bow that can be worn alone as a clip, similar to this listing on Etsy.  After the raffles were announced the winner of my headband came to my table to thank me because her daughter was really hoping to win it. Getting the in-person thanks was such a great feeling. So many times I sell things online, but then I never hear from the customer again. Getting positive feedback makes the long hours of sewing worth it, and makes me want to immediately get behind the machine again.

The new opportunity and the happy customers are two more ways to get my brand out there. It is getting harder to sell on Etsy since some of my products depict popular tv shows or characters and they don't like to sell those things. I purchase these ribbons based on customer requests, but then I am stuck with leftover ribbon to use up. One of my goals for the beginning of the year is to set up a better website to replace my current  Joatmon Creations one,   but until then I have to find another venue to sell my Harley, Coach, Angry Birds, Hello Kitty, Mickey Mouse, and Family Guy items.  These are the companies that have cracked down on me recently, despite the fact that I did not reproduce their logos in the first place. I just purchased the ribbon someone else made with them and then created my own items.  So, if you are in the market for some fun novelties that are handmade in the US by a local crafter, feel free to message me or find me on Facebook.

Well, now its time for some family bonding, also known as yard work. Happy Sunday!!