Tuesday, April 24, 2012

I am addicted

...to ribbon.  I don't know what came first for me, the love of printed ribbon, or the enjoyment of customizing key fobs (key rings).  But they feed into each other and I can't stop buying ribbon...much to my husband's dismay!  There are so many patterns out there and it's so easy to make something that suits someone's personality.  I have a lot of customers that are Boston Red Sox fans, so the Sox ribbon is a big seller.  I make key fobs, belts, hair bows, dog collars.  There are customers that love flip flops, so I have them covered as well.  My flip flop hair bows can even be used as an accessory to dress up their...you guessed it...flip flop sandals!

I'm trying to find more ways to use all of these ribbons I have.  Kids belts are a hit because I'm using a center release buckle that is easy for little fingers to maneuver.  Hair bows are so cute and versatile.  They can put directly in the hair, on a headband, or as above - on your shoes.  I put my Red Sox bows on my sneakers for opening day!  I am even making some ribbon bookmarks!  A customer saw this great, vibrant cooking ribbon I had and she thought it would make a fun bookmark.  So, here it is!  A magnetic bookmark that is perfect for use in your favorite cookbook!!

The other night I made these adorable ballerina bows (on sale in my store: http://www.zibbet.com/JoatmonCreations/artwork?artworkId=831449) which would be great party favors.  Imagine a little girl getting one of these in her goody bag!

I'm still trying to come up with more ideas of how to use this ribbon (and justify my purchase of even more).  If there are any other neat ideas you can come up with, please share them!  Customer suggestions almost always make it into the store!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

New store

At this time I have a web presence with my own website, www.joatmoncreations.com but there is not much traffic to it.  I also have a store on Etsy (www.etsy.com/shop/JoatmonCreations) but I find it really saturated and my items get lost in the crowd.  So last night I took a leap and joined a new online sales site called Zibbet.  My new shop (in addition to the other two I already mentioned) is http://www.zibbet.com/JoatmonCreations.  I'm hoping having a presence on here will bring me a little more exposure.  After all, I think my wedding bibs are a pretty unique item.  I want to make sure people can find them!!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

What a great day!

Today it was beautiful in Boston.  The weather was just perfect, in my opinion, around 75 degrees with a nice breeze.  My husband currently works four 10 hour days which includes Saturday and soon he'll be switching to five 8 hour days (losing his Wednesday day off).  Since I work Monday through Friday, Sundays are pretty much our only family day.  And of course there are usually plenty of obligations on that day, especially since I have a large extended family.  But not today!  Today was all ours. 

We had high hopes of a family hike.  A walk on the beach.  An ice cream treat.

Instead, we cleaned and cleaned and cleaned. Our three year old made many messes, so then we cleaned more!  But it was perfect.  I had the windows open to air out the house.  I did a lot of organizing and rearranging.  We put up the canopy on our gazebo (not an easy or quick task).  Cleaned the patio furniture.  The list goes on and on.  It was exhausting but I am so happy we did it. 

As odd as it sounds, it was just a nice time together.  Our son had a ball being outside after months of being cooped up.  My husband did the yardwork that he actually looks forward to.  And I can look at my house with a little less disdain. 

Now I need to go clean the bathtub (for the second time today) because the little one actually was so dirty, he left a ring around it.  I guess that is the best indication of a great time had by all!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Dog collars available!

It's no secret that I'm from Boston and that typically means a very loyal sports fan.  One look at my Etsy shop (www.etsy.com/shop/joatmoncreations) or my website (http://www.joatmoncreations.com/) you will see that I love to make items in honor of our Red Sox and Patriots.  I'd be paying homage to the Bruins (my personal favorite) and Celtics as well if I could find the fabric, but that has been quite a struggle.

Recently I posted a picture of a toddler belt using Red Sox ribbon.  One response was "could you make a dog collar like that?"  Well, always one to take on a challenge....I got the hardware and whipped one (well, three) up last night.  Must say I'm very happy with them.  Currently I have two medium size and one large size in my store, but I can do smaller as well.

Now that I have the hardware, and I like how these came out, I'm realizing that not everyone is a Boston sports fan (gasp!) so I am looking into some other cute patterns as well.  Not having any dogs myself, I don't know what would appeal to people.  If you have any suggestions please let me know.  I always love an excuse to buy ribbon!!