Friday, July 6, 2018


So, last year we discovered that we have a mulberry bush.  Well, not really a bush, but a tree.  There weren't many berries on there, but what we saw, we would pick and eat right then and there.  However this year, the tree seems to be BURSTING with berries.  Unfortunately part of the tree hangs over our pool, so cleanup has been a nightmare.  The berries are constantly falling and staining our patio, unless the birds -- or our bulldog -- get to them first. For some reason, it never occured to me to pick them in bulk and do something with them!

This morning during my "pool walk" (I literally just walk back and forth beside the pool while reading my Kindle so I can start the day with some extra steps) I decided to grab a mason jar, throw on some rubber gloves (these suckers stain), and see what I could pick.  It took no time to fill this jar up ..and that was even with three berries falling to the ground for every one that I picked. 

I then decided to put a towel on the ground and shake the branches gently.  SO MUCH EASIER.  I wish I had more time...and another continue, but I had to get ready for work.  But I do plan to grab some old sheets, lay them down under the tree and shake like crazy later on.  I cannot wait to try mulberry cobbler, pie, and granola!!  I found some great recipes on Pinterest, of course.  If I try some that are real winners, I'll post them here and on my new "Favorite Recipes" page on my website!! 

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