Saturday, April 14, 2012

Dog collars available!

It's no secret that I'm from Boston and that typically means a very loyal sports fan.  One look at my Etsy shop ( or my website ( you will see that I love to make items in honor of our Red Sox and Patriots.  I'd be paying homage to the Bruins (my personal favorite) and Celtics as well if I could find the fabric, but that has been quite a struggle.

Recently I posted a picture of a toddler belt using Red Sox ribbon.  One response was "could you make a dog collar like that?"  Well, always one to take on a challenge....I got the hardware and whipped one (well, three) up last night.  Must say I'm very happy with them.  Currently I have two medium size and one large size in my store, but I can do smaller as well.

Now that I have the hardware, and I like how these came out, I'm realizing that not everyone is a Boston sports fan (gasp!) so I am looking into some other cute patterns as well.  Not having any dogs myself, I don't know what would appeal to people.  If you have any suggestions please let me know.  I always love an excuse to buy ribbon!! 

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