Thursday, March 29, 2012

Dog Collars -- soon to be in stock?

Earlier this week I made a really cute toddler belt with Red Sox and baseball print ribbon.  I've been playing around with different styles that will (hopefully) be easy for little hands to maneuver.
Here is one design, using Velcro to secure the belt.  It also allows room for growth, since buying kid's clothing can be frustrating as they seem to outgrow everything within weeks of purchase.

Well as soon as I posted this sample, someone asked if I could do the same thing in a dog collar!  I never want to refuse a request, so it looks like I'll be doing some research.  I already ordered the hardware today but it may not be delivered for a week or two.  That should give me a little time to check out collars and see what they entail.  I am an indoor cat person, and frankly, they really aren't the collar types!

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