Tuesday, April 24, 2012

I am addicted

...to ribbon.  I don't know what came first for me, the love of printed ribbon, or the enjoyment of customizing key fobs (key rings).  But they feed into each other and I can't stop buying ribbon...much to my husband's dismay!  There are so many patterns out there and it's so easy to make something that suits someone's personality.  I have a lot of customers that are Boston Red Sox fans, so the Sox ribbon is a big seller.  I make key fobs, belts, hair bows, dog collars.  There are customers that love flip flops, so I have them covered as well.  My flip flop hair bows can even be used as an accessory to dress up their...you guessed it...flip flop sandals!

I'm trying to find more ways to use all of these ribbons I have.  Kids belts are a hit because I'm using a center release buckle that is easy for little fingers to maneuver.  Hair bows are so cute and versatile.  They can put directly in the hair, on a headband, or as above - on your shoes.  I put my Red Sox bows on my sneakers for opening day!  I am even making some ribbon bookmarks!  A customer saw this great, vibrant cooking ribbon I had and she thought it would make a fun bookmark.  So, here it is!  A magnetic bookmark that is perfect for use in your favorite cookbook!!

The other night I made these adorable ballerina bows (on sale in my store: http://www.zibbet.com/JoatmonCreations/artwork?artworkId=831449) which would be great party favors.  Imagine a little girl getting one of these in her goody bag!

I'm still trying to come up with more ideas of how to use this ribbon (and justify my purchase of even more).  If there are any other neat ideas you can come up with, please share them!  Customer suggestions almost always make it into the store!

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