Thursday, March 15, 2012

Welcoming myself to Blogger!

Well, here I am.  Probably the third blog I have tried, not counting the one I created on behalf of my then-newborn son (yeah, I'm one of THOSE people).  My son is now three-and-a-half and I probably last posted in there when he got his first baby tooth.  I guess I'm not so good at these things. this time I am trying to really pursue a side business with the things I make. I work full time at a job I enjoy, but when the clock hits 5 I really look forward to too going  home to see my family, cook dinner (necessary evil), then get creative once my boys are asleep. One is a toddler, the other is my husband, and they both actually have the same bedtime.

Unfortunately for me I have a bit of ADD when it comes to crafting. I fall in love with one type of thing, buy an overload of supplies, then I discover something new. It also seems to happen around he time I try to sell some items but never really move them because I don't have the right forum.

At this time I am making key fobs. Really fun and easy to make. Prior to that it was headbands. Before that, notecards. Bags. Candles. Faberge style eggs. Shall I go on?

So, perhaps by some miracle if I use Blogger maybe I will pique someone's interest and they will search out Joatmon Creations on Facebook or Etsy.  It's worth a shot. Afterall I need to make room for that next big medium that grabs my attention!

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