Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Necessity is the mother of invention

I know towels that hang from the stove handle aren't a new "invention" and there are lots out there.  But it's new for ME and that's what is important right?

It drives me crazy when I have a towel hanging from my oven and it slips off.  I usually just have them there for aesthetics, but it's still frustrating to always be fixing them so they look "just right."  I've been meaning to whip something up that will stay put and match my kitchen.  Here is the first pass and it met half of my requirements (my kitchen is more green and burgundy but I wanted to try my idea out with some ribbon that I had on hand).  A few more tweaks and I'll love the outcome! I did do a search on Etsy and there were similar items, but nothing that I saw quite like this with the ribbon along both edges.

I'd love to hear what you think.  Is this a product you would be interested in?  My goal is to also use some fabrics instead of ribbon so the possibilities for matching color schemes is greater, plus with fabric the towels become more functional.  Many of my fun ribbon prints do not hold up very well to repeated washings.  However I do think some lined with my favorite New England teams (Patriots, Red Sox and Bruins) would be adorable for a sports fan!  

So, is a new product line for Joatmon Creations born again???

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