Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Can't say I didn't try

A couple of weeks ago I posted an entry called The Cobbler's Kids which detailed my guilt over not being crafty with my son.  Today I wanted to post a bit of an update on that entry.

After thinking about it more, and having two Saturdays pass by, I realized that while many of those excuses i posted may be true, the more underlying issue is time.  We just don't have a lot of time to be crafty on the weekends.  I work outside of the home from 8 to 5, then once I get home it's dinner time.  After that we have a very short window to play, then the bedtime routine begins.  Saturday is my day alone with my son because I am off on the weekends, but my husband works until 1:30 on that day.  That would be the perfect time for me to break out the supplies and craft away with my four year old.  However since it is the perfect day for me to get things done, once karate class is over mid-morning we are then running around doing errands.  Or going to some event (birthday party, train show, grandma's house, etc).  By the time we get home, I'm usually cleaning the house instead of making more of a mess.  Then Sunday is typically family day where we go hiking or over someone's house for dinner.  It's just a little tough to carve out that time to focus on a project.

But this past weekend I did carve out the time and I had THREE projects I wanted to work on with my son.  I was so excited on Sunday morning, I couldn't wait to get started.

Project #1: Easter Egg coloring!
Well, that was more of his own project since he doesn't need too much guidance there.  He loved coloring them, and even when I thought he was done, he ran back into the room to dunk the eggs one last time.

He's very intent on getting them perfect.

Project #2:  Easter Bunny Lollipops.  Or as I like to call them: The Demented Easter Bunny family.  
This was a project that I found on Pinterest and I couldn't wait to make them for my cousin's kids.  I thought CD would love to make them as well, but after getting him to help sort out the different pieces that we needed (I used a paper plate separated into quarters and told him how many of each material to put into each section) he totally lost interest.  I think I got him to bend one pipe cleaner ear, and that was it.  The Cat in the Hat was more interesting to him than these bunny lollipops.  

Project #3:  Embroidery Floss Easter Eggs.  
This was another Pinterest  project that I couldn't wait to do.  And another project that completely did not interest my son.  Once he saw the water balloons, all he wanted to do was blow them up.  And pop them.  I thought he may like the idea of dragging the floss through the stiffener so I suited him up with rubber gloves, and that was the last time I saw him.  Well at least for an hour, then he kept coming back to see if they were dry so he could pop the balloons trapped inside the newly formed eggs.  

So, perhaps my projects were wrong for a four year old, but it just reinforces the fact that it's not entirely my fault that I am not very crafty with my son.  But that is okay.  I took him to a train and toy show the day before, and afterwards he told me I was the "best mom ever."  That compliment will erase the guilt any day of the week!

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