Wednesday, March 6, 2013

My reputation precedes me

Today my four year old needed to take something to preschool for their "Leprechaun Trap."  Apparently the class has a pint size pixie wreaking havoc on their classroom at night.

At first I made the little guy a new bow tie to wear, thinking that would be intriguing to him if he saw it in the trap.  "Oh no, mommy.  That's much too big!  he is only this size" (squeezing his thumb and index finger within an inch of each other).  So back to the drawing board!  We searched through all of my craft items and my son, "CD", was picking out any small green supplies that he could find, whether they would be appealing to a leprechaun or not (but then again, who am I to determine what a mythical creature would enjoy, right)?

Finally he decided that maybe the leprechaun needed a new bed.  So we searched around for the perfect sized gift box.  We found one that formerly housed jewelry, so it already had the padding which served as a mattress.  We then added a green speckled bed spread and a felt pillow, which he helped me sew (he handles the pedal while I maneuver the material through the machine).  Finally he went through all of my miniature pieces and picked out two items that served as stuffed animals for the new owner. It was pretty cute and I was proud of him for coming up with a different idea.

He brought it to school today and the teachers told him how much they loved it.  He then said "maybe some day my mommy can come into school and do a craft with us all!'  As he told me this idea he ran up to me and gave me giant hug around my legs with a look of pride in his eyes.

So...tell me, how can you resist that?  Now to come up with something to make with a group of 4 year olds!

The bow tie I originally made for the Leprechaun

His new bed and "stuffed" animals

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