Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Hannah Montana and the Wildly Awkward Twerker

Okay, here is my deal on the whole Miley Cyrus thing. I watched it once...that was all I needed.  It's not a case of "if you don't like it, don't watch it."  I'm not horrified that Hannah Montana has grown up and is trying to show she is an adult and is "sexy".  It's the fact that she was so weirdly awkward while doing it.  I actually feel bad for her if she thinks that what she was doing was provocative and racy but instead it was clumsy, ugly, and just plain bizarre.  How does she seriously think that the tongue wagging stuff is attractive?

You are a grown up, go for it....just please learn to do it in a way that doesn't burn my eyeballs and make me cringe for you in embarrassment.

p.s. you know you are an amateur when your "surprise" costume #2 is hanging out under costume #1.  The minute she walked out and I saw that, I thought "this just can't be good."

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